How to handle teenagers?

Alhamdulillah …….I was finally able to keep my promise to myself and held my Quran class with my daughter, (a strong willed teenager!!) after a long gap  this morning, inspite of her reluctance and various hinderences. Again Allah taught me that where there is a will there is a way. And if at any point of life I do not succeed in doing something most probably it is my own lack of desire and lack of faith in Allah’s power that he can enable us to achieve things which even we ourself don’t think that we are capable of. 

   I was able to teach my daughter some of it too when she tried to argue that there is no point in studying something if there is not interest or any visible “benefit”. I told her that due to my own mismanagement of things shaitan has got hold of our hearts and these are not our own thoughts but his evil whispers. And we need to cleanse ourselves of this mess. I told her that just as there are students in her class who bunk the period and think they don’t need to study…….are not making a wise decision , although they think that they are being very clever  and make fun of those who do study with devotion……….yet their cleverness cannot get them the grades and their sarcasm and taunts have not prevented her from getting straight A’s.

So what’s the thing that makes the difference?….. a belief in result….. and a desire to succeed……….Success doesn’t mean succeeding in fooling yourself. That is rather a total disaster.

And so little by little I kept up with her and we completed the lesson. But she had not heard the last words before she got up and started running out of the room. I called her back, made her sit down and told her that the angels are waiting to take her requests/duaas to deliver to Allah  and they had their pens ready , so would she please tell them what she wants ?

 This “attack “ of mine had her speechless and so I told her to visualize that so many angels have encircled us because we are learning the book of Allah together. I asked her if we pass a house and see numerous cars lined up against the drive, aren’t we impressed to see so many visitors. And we all assume automatically that this must be someone pretty important.  Similarly if people from outside could see so many angels what would be their reaction? Its just that Allah has kept these things hidden and only those who have iman on ghaib (belief in unseen) can see it with their inner eye.

  And so By Allah’s help and his special rahmat , I was able to cover a lot of ground with her but I see an uphill task all the way. May Allah guide me and give the strength of imaan and hikmat which I desperately need to work with my children and my own self. Ameen




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