burning pain

last night we had to go to a dinner……a family dinner with a number of relatives…..I was the hostess so I hastened to pass a dish to my khala…..I couldn’t lift it and realized it was solid iron and the next moment when my mind registered the scorching pain in my thumb……I realized it was burning hot!! Hoping that no one had noticed my foolishness….. I just picked up a slice of cabbage from the salad and rubbed it between my thumb and forefinger, hoping to cool it and kept on smiling and chatting…..In my heart I kept asking Allah to save me from the azab(torture) of fire in the hereafter and also in this duniya (this world)…..I am so afraid of accidents…..and then I remembered that two years back I had burnt my thumb….the same one….of right hand……but from the outer side…….and it had been equally painful but had healed miraculously……..so I began to feel the comfort of hope that this pain too will go away and become a thing of the past!! This hope made me feel strong and Allah made it true….this morning it feels like there was no burn at all…….

This incident made me think that we can apply this attitude in all hard times

no matter how big the pain is we should focus on the healing power of Allah……and ask Him to save us from the pain of Akhirah….the shame of hisab(accountability)…..and as soon as we focus on Akhirah the pain of this duniya automatically feels insignificant…….easier to endureJ



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