I am so happy that I have learned something great today. Maybe I knew it before but my heart didn’t respond to it like it did just this morning. As the boys left for school, I went to do my daily lesson with my daughter. Just as I was picking the Quran, I remembered with happiness that today we have to start a new Surah, as we just completed Surah At-Tauba yesterday. All of a sudden it clicked in my mind that Allah has given me this wonderful chance to revise all the things I had learned in the course. Daily I understand the words of Allah directly from the text without the aid of any tafseer, and I try to make it interesting for Sadaf to understand and absorb. What a great opportunity it is from Allah……..and I was so grateful to Him to realize that He has given such a great gift of determination and punctuality to my daughter, and so it is not me doing any favour on her but it is Allah who is doing such a great favour on BOTH of us. This thought made me so happy that I did the lesson in a totally different mood which affected Sadaf as well…..So it was proved once again that when you feel you are giving something to the other person it often becomes a burden and it reflects in our behaviour, whereas if we realize that the one who is receiving is doing a favour on us by giving us a chance to win Allah’s pleasure then our whole attitude is different…..and of course even something small that’s done with mutual goodwill is far better than doing great acts of goodness with grudges in our heart…….it all depends on how we see things….our point of view!!



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