Al-Hadid (iron)

 “Indeed we have sent our Messengers with clear proofs, and revealed with them the scripture and the Balance so that Mankind can keep up justice. And we sent down iron in which there is mighty power; as well as many benefits for mankind; so that Allah may test who will help him (his religion) and His messengers in the unseen….Verily Allah is all strong, all mighty.”(57:25)

This is a verse from the 57th Surah of the Quran, named “Al-Hadid”. When I had studied it for the first time in my “taleem-ul-quran-at-home” class, I had been so amazed that Allah had revealed to me this information at such a time when I was on treatment for celiac disease and anemia, so had to take an iron supplement in the form of a terribly bitter tasting syrup. Many times I asked the doctor to change to some other prescription but he insisted that I had to take iron in its concentrated form so that my body could recover from its accute deficiency. I used to hate it…….my mouth felt like it had a lining of metal all around it after taking a dose….even water tasted like molten iron!!! But all my thoughts changed when I read this ayat that Allah had blessed man with this amazing metal…..I remember how happy it made me feel that all the people would be thinking of machines and such stuff but Allah had given me this disease and this medicine so that I could understand in how many hidden ways we use Hadid in our lives….even our bodies cannot survive without it. So since that day I became more enthusiastic in taking the medicine and felt “blessed” instead of self pity…..this is the miracle of Quran how it enables us to view the same things in a positive light and so we say our whole life has changed……other people look in bewilderment how can she say this because to them everything seems to be the same as ever…..the same house, the same furniture and car……..change in life is a change in thought and attitude…..not in new clothes or things…..I wish I can convey it to others as well so they give as much importance to character building as they do to house building or even more!!




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