The heart and the tongue

As long as the tongue is occupied in dhikr, it will be safe from unbecoming speech and lies, because it never keeps quiet.  Alike it is with the heart,  if it is not occupied in love of Allah then it will love a creature.—Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyah


A Wiseman was once asked: where did you learn wisdom from?

He answered: from a visually handicapped person…

a blind man?

Yes I learned wisdom from a blind man because as he was walking he never put his foot on the ground until after his stick informed him of the way…

This made me realise that even those who have eyes cannot take wise decisions in life unless they use the eyes of the heart to reach the true success as defined by Allah…

Remove that obstruction!

The Seekers Path

The article I wrote yesterday reminded me of something that I learned a long time back…  what happened was that my teacher sent me a small but highly profound Arabic passage to translate in English… it was a saying of a great scholar…

My immediate reaction was bafflement… how am I to translate it when I don’t even know any Arabic outside Quran?

But then I thought that she wouldn’t have sent it to me if she didn’t think I could handle it… so maybe I should just give it a good try…

Fortunately when I searched for some clues through the lines I found many words that I could relate to… and this gave me some energy… so I looked again and again until more and more words became clear to me like lights being turned on in a dark room… and finally I learned the whole thing by…

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Quote of the day!

To clean the pathways of the hearts

and to preserve the purity of your good deeds 

is far greater in rewards than cleaning the pathways where we walk

The above quote made me think about the importance of priorities…

If we keep our main goal in mind then all the tasks we do will fall in the right direction but if we are not clear about where our destination is then we might waste too much time on less important things and ignore the most important ones…

In Islam our main goal is to attain purification and this includes both inner and outer cleanliness… but if we focus too much on outward purity and ignore the purification of the hearts then we have not really achieved our goal… 

On the contrary if we focus on the purity of the heart then it will automatically lead us to outer purity as well… and so we will attain the character of a true believer who remains firm in his convictions and gives benefit to all the world…



Recently I heard an incident which touched me a lot… and taught me a great lesson of how we can be tolerant and forgiving for others…

A young woman was travelling on a bus and at one stop, an old woman got on the bus and came to sit next to that young woman… this old woman was quite grumpy and ill-mannered… and quite discourteously she shoved her bags into the leg space, colliding with her neighbour… grumbling and complaining too!!

A man who was observing this scene with irritation, couldnt remain quiet anymore so he said to the young woman… why are you not saying anything to this old woman… why are you not telling her to behave herself??

To this the young woman said: No problem… this is only for a little while… I get off at the next stop… so what does it matter… the journey together is so short anyway!!

These words are worth writing in golden letters…

we all face terrible attitudes and behaviours from people but the easiest way to put up with them is to remember that the journey together is so short… we dont know who will get off at the next stop… so why waste that short time in complaining, fighting, reacting and getting so angry and resentful? 

Be forgiving and be kind… the time together is so short anyway…


A man asked one of the scholars” am I from the righteous ones?”
So the scholar said
” If you make duaa for your parents then you are one of them”
Because of the saying of the prophet SAW ( when he SAW was mentioning sadaqah e jariya , he mentioned) “a righteous child who make duaa for him”

Food for thought!

دخل عبد الوارث بن سعيد على رجل يعوده فقال له :
كيف أنت ؟
قال:ما نمت مذ أربعون ليلة
فقال:يا هذا أحصيت أيام البلاء
فهل أحصيت أيام الرخاء!
Abdul Waris bin saeed went to visit a sick person; so he asked him: “how are you?”
To which the man replied: I have not slept since forty nights
So he said: O you – you counted the days of tribulation but did you ever count the days of ease?

This small incident is a great opener and serves as a mirror for all of us to see how much we count the problems and how little we count the blessings…

No wonder more and more people feel frustrated, depressed and anxious…

The therapy is to start counting the blessings and the problems will start looking as so small and insignificant in comparison…

Its all how we see things that matters…

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