I have no idea who the original author of the following article is… but I just read it on whatsapp and thought it too good to let it go without sharing with my readers…The reason why I liked it so much is that I think it is a solution to our problem… when we cannot make up our minds what to do and how to contribute in a positive way… we forget that all we need to do is to use the present moment and keep doing good… whatever good we can do… even if it is to share someone else’s article:)… so go ahead and enjoy… and think… and plan… and do…


Recently, when I was going to bed , I started hearing sound of drops of water from the bathroom, in slow successions, but since it was dropping into an empty bucket, I decided to let it be.

But, alas! When I woke up the next morning, around 5am, the bucket was almost full! I was surprised that just drops even in such slow successions could produce that much. I couldn’t help it, ‘Just drops?!’ I questioned rhetorically.

But the following night, I made sure that the tap in my bathroom was locked completely and I checked the bucket and saw that it was empty, though wet. Then I went to sleep.

I guess you already know what I saw the next morning. The bucket was not wet as I had left it, but it was now dry!

Then I realized the importance of a drop and how much difference it can make in all ramifications of one’s life compared to a dry tap.

Imagine letting the drops be for a year, I would be scooping with drums at the end of the year!

So, how about that drop of savings?

How about that drop of kindness and love everyday?

How about a drop of reading useful books today and every day?

How about that drop of a verse of the scripture today and every day?

How about that drop of prayer today and every day?

How about a drop of worship today and every day?

How about a drop of step towards your God-given dream today and every day?

How about a drop of giving into your heavenly account?

What virtue and discipline will you start today in little drops?

Never neglect the importance of a drop, for when the harvest time comes, you would have made a big difference.

*……Ponder on this thought

Are we living?

Imagine a house at night in which some people have gone to bed and are fast asleep while some are still up and about… watching tv or playing video games or chatting on facebook or whatever… and something bad happens… some thief breaks in the house and steals away valuables or a fire broke out in the kitchen and no one puts it out… Then guess who will be blamed for the loss? The ones who were sleeping or those who were wide awake yet they didn’t do anything to stop it…?

Definitely those who were awake should have taken notice of what was happening… because obviously there must have been some unusual noice or smell or something… some clue…

But they might not have noticed anything because of being so deeply engrossed in their various activities… Especially being in front of a screen makes you almost as good as asleep to your surroundings… try talking to someone playing a game or watching a movie… either they will not be able to comprehend what you are saying… or even if they can make it out, they will rarely be bothered to give a decent response… if at all…

This is what is happening to the muslim these days… Most of them are asleep… they have been completely taken over by the worldly life and this is all what they can think of… this is all they can plan about and put their efforts in… this is the only achievement they care about… Allah and Akhirah are just names of certain beliefs they have inherited by birth but they don’t matter to them in any practical sense… they are asleep to the reality even though they think they are awake… because the dream-world in which they are existing looks real to them.

But there are some muslims who have been woken up from this dream… they realize that Allah is real and the akhirah is real… they have read and understood the Quran and so they know that each and every word of Allah is true… they have learned about the Prophet (s.a.w) and they believe that each and every word that he (s.a.w) spoke or every act that he did is full of truth and wisdom… and yet being awake is not making them any different from the ones who are asleep… why?

Because they are also not doing anything…

Just like in the above example where no one attempted to put out the fire… no one caught the thief… because of being so engrossed in personal pleasures…

Similarly the enlightened and awake minds who have learned about Allah and the responsibility that He has placed on us…yet we are engrossed in our own personal pleasures or entertainment… and cannot be bothered to leave our comfort zone…

And then the most we can do is to blame the ones that are asleep… and we keep congratulating one another that at least we are awake and we know…

But what really matters is what we are doing with this knowledge…?

Because our responsibility is far greater than we think… we cannot yell and shout at others while we ourselves are not moving an inch out of our pride and our comfort…

Giving the message is one thing but living the message is what really counts… so are we really living?

Let your hearts find rest…

Today I was reading an article and it touched me so much that I had to share it… especially the last bit was really motivating, which I am copying below. However to read the complete article go to the following link:


Many people feel facing the challenge of memorizing the Qur`an is too difficult of a task. They may have tried it and given up, dabbled in it and lost focus or drive or simply refused to consider the idea because they feel it insurmountable. Think of memorizing the Qur`an like lifting weights. For a person who has never worked out and who desires the health benefits of increasing their strength, they may begin with just a few pounds. As they continue, the amounts they began with will feel insignificant in comparison to the heavy amounts they are now able to lift.

Similarly, beginning the memorization of the Qur’an seems difficult. One verse, two verses, may take a long time to memorize correctly; getting the pronunciation down perfectly may take years, remembering the order of the words may be a frustrating task. However, when one commits to it and makes it a part of their daily responsibilities, it becomes easier and easier. The two verses that took an hour to memorize will turn into the memorization of one entire page in fifteen minutes.

The Qur’an is easy and The One Who revealed the Qur`an tells us, “And We have certainly made the Qur’an easy for remembrance, so is there any who will remember?” (Qur`an, 54:17). It just takes dedication, commitment and time. Even if it takes you, as it took me, seven years, ten years, fifteen years, imagine being able to say, “I had a seven-year memorization relationship with the Qur’an and the quality of my life improved in every second. Now that I’m finished, an incredibly exciting chapter of our long-term, eternal relationship is about to begin!”

We all seek for our hearts to be in a state of contentment, tranquility and ease. Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala tells us, “Those who believe, and whose hearts find rest in the remembrance of Allah, verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest,” (Qur‘an, 13: 28).

The best form of remembrance is that of the Qur`an. Will you allow your heart to find rest through it?

The world of opposites

In a world which is filled with wonder
and marvels abound
It is not in itself a miracle
that there exists a secret
known only to  the  insiders
heard only by the listeners
and seen only by those with insight
A place where exists a contradiction
as law
set by the Creator
And it so happens my dear
that here
when there is blockage
there is flow
and just so that you know
when you are ill
you are healing
both together
what a spleandour
and when you have problems
they are walking hand in hand
with solutions
no one knew could exist
and when sickness prevails
it cures diseases unfathomed by us
some of the body
some of the soul
and what I and you may perceive
as bad
is actually good
Only one certainty exits
the surety of ‘HOPE’
the certainty of ‘DUA’

(written by sister Naveen)

pride and humility

No man is free of sin – some more than others – the key is humility – when one acquires that then he is silent about the sins of others even when he sees them for his own sins are over bearing for him. Yet pride stops one from acknowledging ones own weaknesses and hence one keeps waging a war with the tongue about people and their faults.
What is interesting is that Allah Dismisses faults yet He does not dismiss pride and He Gives greater weightage to humility than He does to being faultless.
All of the sons of Adam as are sinners but the best sinners are those who keep turning back to Him

If Fire can be cool…

(Al-Quran)”قلنا يا نار كوني بردا وسلاما”
لم يأمر شيئا يطفئها،
بل أمر النار ذاتها ان تتحول من شي يحرق الى بردا وسلاما…
حين يأذن الله بفرجك…
يأمر..حزنك..مرضك..فقرك..خوفك..ان يتحول الى فرج..

In the Quran Allah described the unforgettable incident in the life of Prophet Ibrahim (a.s.) when he was thrown into the fire… Allah says:

“We said: “O fire become cool and safe”

The awesome thing to ponder upon is that Allah didnt order anyone or anything else to put out the fire… rather He order the fire itself to transform itself from a thing that burns to something cool and safe…

So it shows the Power and authority of Allah that when he will want ease for you…He will order your grief… your diseases…your poverty…your fears…to transform into relief and satisfaction…!!!


A sister asked me a few questions which bother me also… so I thought that these should be answered on the front page too… mostly these are doubts which attack us one way or the other… and I find that the best solution is to help others reach a solution… because in doing so Allah puts ease in our own hearts as well:) 

Q.1… I don’t know how to really be a good deed doer that does good deeds every day… because one day I feel this world to be temporary but then other times I get involved in this worldly stuff?

Dear Sister… asslamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu… The fact is that Allah made our hearts in such a way that they keep turning this way and that… in the morning we feel one way and in the afternoon our mood changes… mostly we feel bright in the day and sad in the night… or vice versa… this is our reality and so we should pray to Allah that the things which should be constant in our lives, should not be moved from their place. Like faith in Allah and the hereafter… like our love of Allah and love for our Prophet (s.a.w)… like our relationship with the book of Allah… like the five time salah… and zakah… etc etc
If our hearts were solid like stone and did not have the capacity to move then we would have become arrogant and self satisfied… because we would be so sure that our faith and desire for doing good deeds is a permanent quality and so we can do what we like and still our feelings will not change…
But it is Allah’s mercy that he made the hearts so vulnerable because it is due to this weakness of ours that we stay humble and always feel in need of Allah to keep us on the straight path.
Therefore for a person who wishes to be constant in faith and good deeds it is important that he does three things daily:
1- refresh intentions… ask yourself why you want to remain good? what will you get… what is the benefit… and what will happen if I don’t do these good deeds? what will be the loss?
*(this step will reinforce your commitment with your goal of pleasing Allah)
2- Make dua to Allah to accept all the good you have done in the past and to give you the energy and enthusiasm to continue doing everything for his pleasure… which is called “tawfeeq”… ask Allah daily to give you this tawfeeq to stay firm on the straight path.
3- And finally the third point… which is to take all practical steps that will help you in achieving your goals… this involves a deep self analysis in which you try and find out what are the factors which are helpful and increase those things… similarly you also identify your “slipping points” and avoid them as much as possible… these slipping points are the weaknesses which make you forget your purpose and distract you from your goal.
Finally it is all about how determined you are to be a winner… the more determined you will be the more you will have the force inside you to move towards that thing which makes you successful… And the second thing is discipline… nothing can be achieved without this…
Most people think that these are inborn gifts and if we are not born with it then we cannot have it… this is completely wrong… Allah can give you whatever quality He wants… so all we need to do is to pray and work hard… I know it is difficult and even painful at times to keep working when most people are not even bothered… but then always remember that the pain of discipline is temporary and the pleasure of success in the hereafter is eternal… while the pleasure in wrong things is temporary but the pain of regret and the pain of punishment will be eternal…
So may Allah help us to make the right decisions… ameen

Q-2… I have been studying engineering but am always thinking if I really should be studying or leave it and spend time on only religion?

Well I think that Allah doesn’t tell us to leave the world altogether… rather we have to find a balance between our duties… You should try and maintain a routine in which you fulfill the rights of Allah along with your pursuit of worldly knowledge. Because being good at technology with the intention of serving Allah is also an act of goodness for which you will be rewarded… just imagine if we were not using technology, I would never have known you or what you think… and would not have been sitting here answering your questions:)
May Allah guide us all to do what pleases him most… and save us from the deceptions of shaitan and our nafs…ameen

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